Fire blazes in Lukoil’s Komi oil field

A fire in Lukoil’s oil field in Shchelyabozh, near the Komi town of Usinsk, started April 10 and has since created a column of black smoke visible for tens of kilometers away.

Barents oil production 'more troublesome than expected'

Norway’s Petroleum Safety Authority gives yet another safety rebuke to ENI Norge after an audit revealed that status of some security systems was not fully known to relevant personnel on board the platform.

Tourism outdoes coal in Svalbard settlement

The proud mining history of Barentsburg comes closer to an end as industrial sites and facilities are taken over by quickly expanding tourism.

Norway positive to Finland’s Arctic railway plan

Railway development is among the key priorities in the Norwegian National Transport Plan, the government infrastructure strategy covering the period 2018-2029. That includes also Northern Norway.

Russian Border Guard Service takes part in North Pole exercises

Less than two weeks after President Vladimir Putin and three ministers visited Franz Josef Land, a troop of Border Guards from the Kola Peninsula brought their weapons even further north in a show-off to reaffirm Russian presence in the Arctic.

Russia begins drilling in remote Taymyr Peninsula

The Taymyr region is one of the most remote and untouched in Russia. Last week Lukoil and Rosneft both begun drilling their first wells there.

Rosneft drills northernmost Arctic well

The Tsentralno-Olginskaya-1 is the northernmost well ever drilled on the Russian shelf, according to Rosneft.

North Pole ice runway opened Monday

The two Antonov-74 planes successfully landed at an ice airfield Monday at Russia's Camp Barneo on an ice floe near the North Pole.

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