'Science must contribute to traditional or local communities'

"Combining science and traditional knowledge, as well as respecting each other’s experiences would create better decisions in development projects," Christina Henriksen, Member of the Sámi Council and the Sámi Parliament in Norway

Truth commission for Sami, Kven finds support in Norwegian Parliament

The majority of the Norwegian Parliament’s Control and Constitutional Standing Committee supports a suggestion about setting up a truth commission in order to investigate the ‘Norsification’ that Sami and Kven people had to go through for about a century, starting in the mid-1800s.

What art can do for northern science and technology projects

A solar energy project in Nunavut is making use of the creativity of local youth and Elders by incorporating art installations into a community solar project, in order to maximize involvement and acceptance within the community.

Greenland abuse revelations represent a boundless failure

OPINION: The international High North initiatives can only be successful if they benefit the people in the North. It's our responsibility to provide secure frameworks that do so for everyone — even the weakest among us.

Finland will work to keep tensions low in the Arctic

"There might be some icebergs in sight,” but Finland will continue to keep international tensions out of the Arctic Council during its chairmanship, the nation's senior Arctic official said.

Arctic Economic Council meets in Alaska next week

The Arctic Economic Council will hold its annual meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, on Tuesday May 9, just one day before the 10th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting takes place in the same city.

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