Linking Singapore, Asia, and the Arctic

Singaporean experts help us unpack some common questions about the role of Singapore and other Asian states in the Arctic.

Shipping Traffic on Northern Sea Route Grows by 40 percent

Shipping traffic in Russia’s Arctic waters along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) experienced significant growth in 2017. Cargo volume on the route is expected to increase by nearly 40 percent compared to the year 2016.

Canada’s road to the Arctic Ocean opens

The Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway will create an all year road for Canadians to access the Arctic Ocean for the first time.

Do conferences about the Arctic really matter?

The Arctic, or the High North, is the topic of an endless series of conferences. But what role do these conferences fill? And do they affect policies?

Denmark downplays concern over delayed Greenland maps

Work on converting Greenland navigational charts to a GPS-compatible digital version has stalled, prompting concerns about an increased risk of an accident at sea from some members of Denmark's Folketing.

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