The Arctic is changing now.

As retreating sea ice continues to set new record lows, as permafrost thaws and as centuries-old natural patterns are disrupted, perhaps no other region on the planet is more affected by rapid change. As Arctic shipping routes become increasingly navigable, opening a new link between Europe and Asia, the region presents fresh opportunities for investment and commerce.

This is the Arctic now: a region rich in potential for industry, where the interests of multinational corporations and world governments will need to be balanced with those of the people who call the Arctic home.

It is a region of endless possibility, new challenges and unique risks.


News from the circumpolar Arctic matters now more than ever.


The nations of the Arctic -- the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia -- have a front-row seat to today’s rapid change. Industries such as energy, transportation and tourism see in the changing Arctic the keys to a new future. For the 4 million residents of the circumpolar Arctic, new opportunities come hand-in-hand with new challenges: eroding coastlines, changing migration patterns that impact subsistence hunting and fishing.

As the world wakes up to the challenges and opportunities presented by a changing Arctic, news from the region is important not only to residents of Arctic nations, but to anyone with an interest in the future of commerce, industry, the environment — and in the connections between the Arctic and the rest of the world.


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